How should the baby be restrained during circumcision?

Anyone who has tried to diaper a lively newborn realizes that there is no way a delicate surgical procedurea circumcision, can be performed without a method of keeping the child from flaying about and moving

Many parents in their desire to keep a "natural" environment seek to avoid any method of restraint involving straps of any kind. This leaves only one way to restrain the child; pinning him down manuallyby hand. The dangers in this are apparent hands can slip; hands sometimes controlled by nervous people who can apply more pressure or force than needed causing injury to an infant's extremely delicate limbs

The method I have developed, uses soft Velcro straps in combination with the hands of the Sandek, (the designated "holder" of the infant); a warm human touch with the measured security of Velcro. The infant is restrained for no more than sixty seconds, the surgery itself takes twenty to thirty seconds. (Not as some methods which begin surgery in the bedroom and commence in front of the guests having the child in discomfort for many minutes.)

In spite of my y preference, as explained above, I do give the parents the option of choosing which method of restraint they desire. I have performed numerous ceremonies both ways with no complications, Thank G-d.